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  • Life Tips:No worry any more - Fangyuan teach you how to clean artificial plants

  • 2013-09-17
  • How to clean artificial plants (plastic plant,silk plant,replica plant,fake plant,silk flower,topiary,artificial tree,artificial grass and turf,greenery)


    Artificial plants and flowers have always been popular for interior decoration. They do not require the care needed for growing original plants. Apart from that, you can get the artificial ones in a wide range of colors, types and materials. But, these plants too attract dust that can settle on them, without regular cleaning. While, artificial plants made with materials like plastic and some types of cloth are washable, you may not be able to wash those made with silk. Cleaning silk plants can be a worrisome task, but, is not impossible. 

    Cleaning Silk Plants

    As mentioned above, silk plants require extra care, so as to prevent getting dirty. You have to dust these plants regularly, for retaining that shiny and glossy look. However, with time, some dust particles will stick to silk, making it dull looking. Otherwise too, lack of regular dusting can lead to dirty plants. Such conditions warrant cleaning of these plants.

    One of the easy methods to clean silk plants is to use store-bought silk plant cleaners. These products have to be sprayed on these plants, so as to dissolve the dust on them. But, in some cases, it has been observed that some of these products seal in the dust with the silk.

    Regular dusting with a feather duster is beneficial for removing dust from silk plants. It is said that lamb wool duster can remove dust more effectively, as lamb wool contains lanolin.

    Some people use salt for removing dust from these artificial plants. Wondering how to clean silk plants with salt? All you have to do is to take a large paper bag and put a cup of table salt in it. Now, shake the paper bag rigorously. Take out the plant and shake it, so as to remove the salt particles attached to it.

    Another method is to wipe the silk plants with a soft damp cloth. If the material is labeled as water-resistant, then, you can wipe it without any hesitation. Otherwise, test whether the water is causing any stains on the material, by applying water on any inconspicuous spot.

    If the silk plant is labeled as waterresistant, you may also wash the plant. Gently spray water onto the plant and once done, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. You may also dry the plant on sunlight.

    If the silk plant has sustained any tough stains on it, then, scrub the stains with a toothbrush, after dabbing with a small amount of vinegar or dish washing liquid. You may also resort to dry cleaning silk plants.

    You may also use a hair dryer to blow off the dust from the silk plant. Another method is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from this plant. In such case, make sure to cover the outlet of the blower with a very thin piece of cloth and secure it with a rubber band, before the cleaning task.

    The above said is only a brief overview about the commonly used home remedies for this purpose. However, if the manufacturer of the plant has provided you with some cleaning solutions, then, use that only. It is always better to seek professional help, if the silk plant is highly expensive. You can prevent these plants from getting dull and dirty, with regular maintenance, including dusting and wiping. Anyway, maintaining artificial plants is not a difficult task, if you know the right methods. The above said tips and guidelines may prove helpful for you in maintaining your silk plants in great shape.

    By Sonia Nair

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