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  • 2013-09-17

    Artificial palm trees supplier-Shanghai Fangyuan Flower Decoration Co.,Ltd.



    Here is a piece of news you can learn from it why artificial palm tree is a preferential choice for you.

    Most people love palm trees, because they give a tropical feel and also make the outdoors to look 

    sort of 'complete'. Plantation, maintenance and trimming is not that easy and it takes a lot of time, 

    patience and real hard work as well. Many people find it hard and time-consuming to plant and wait 

    until their palm tree grows to glory. If you are also facing a similar sort of problem regarding palm 

    trees, then outdoor artificial palm trees are available option. These trees look like the real

    ones and they are also available for various types of landscaping. 

    Outdoor artificial palm trees are custom-made artificial plantations and they are scientifically tested as 

    well as engineered by the artificial palm trees manufacturers. These trees can stand tall in extreme 

    weather conditions like freezing temperatures, wind, heat and humidity. This quality makes them very 

    much functional. They are crafted in a way that they seem lifelike and become more user-friendly too. 

    They are mostly used in landscape designs of offices and hotels. The trunks of the artificial palm trees are 

    made up of plastic and such durable substances. Some of the trees are also made using real palm barks 

    and fibers.

    These trees look very much real, they make an illusion of the real palm tree on a serene tropical beach. 

    Placement of the trees is an important factor to concentrate upon. They must be placed in a strategic 

    manner for the privacy to the owner. They simply beautify the surrounding. Some trees come along with 

    LED light fixtures, that makes the garden a really beautiful place to have a small gathering or party at 

    night. When placed with various assortments like rocks, artificial waterfalls and such other beautifying 

    fixtures, these trees look really very enchanting.



    Supply artificial tree, plant, silk flower, hanging rattan, grass,topiary,preserved tree and landscape 

    engineering design and installment.


    Shanghai Fangyuan Flower Decoration Co,Ltd.


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